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A Pre-Bonsai tree is a tree that has been partially trained. It hasn’t reached its final form and is still open to additional shaping and training. Most Pre-Bonsai can be found in cheaper plastic pots to allow them to grow on as they age.  Pre-Bonsai tend to be cheaper than finished Bonsai due to them not having as much training and age to them making them a perfect entry point for anyone not wanting to spend a lot for an older finished tree.  However, this does mean a good amount of effort and years of training will be needed on your part to form a fully trained bonsai tree.  Its amazing seeing the process of taking a young Pre-Bonsai and seeing it develop overtime to a beautiful Bonsai Tree!

We always have a large quantity of Pre-Bonsai Trees in stock.  From tropical trees like Ficus, Dwarf Jades, deciduous trees like Chinese Elm, Japanese Maples and evergreen trees like Junipers and Pines.  Customers are sure to find a perfect starter tree for themselves to start their Bonsai journey.

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