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One of our most frequently asked questions about Bonsai are which trees are best for beginners.  With such a variety of trees to choose from it's hard for most people to know what trees they should start with.  Below are a list of Bonsai we recommend to beginners due to their easier care and resiliency.  

Ficus are one of the absolute best Bonsai Trees for beginners.  With a great variety of types to choose from it will be easy for any new Bonsai enthusiast to chose a perfect tree for them.  Ficus are very resilient plants that can tolerant low humidity making them one of the few trees that can be kept inside year round.  Like most other trees they will thrive if kept outside during the warmer months though.  

Some of the varieties of Ficus we carry are: Ginseng Grafted Ficus, Willow Leaf Ficus, Golden Gate Ficus, Melon Seed Ficus,  and Green Island Ficus

Dwarf Jade are a great choice for any beginner.  Due to their more succulent like nature they are more forgiving about watering than other tropical bonsai.  They grow quickly so they are great for practicing pruning and wiring!  They can be trained into just about any Bonsai style you like.

The Schefflera or Hawaiian Umbrella Tree develop spectacular aerial roots that really put on a show.  They are a very forgiving plant making them a great choice for a first Bonsai.  With their waxy green leaves and showy trunk they make great Bonsai.  They can deal with lower light situations making them one of the few trees you can do inside year round.  

Chinese Elm are one of the most popular choices for a Bonsai Tree.  They are a strong tree that reacts well to pruning and can be kept outdoors as well as indoors. The fine ramification, tiny leaves and beautiful bark are characteristics most loved for this tree species.  With so many ways to train and style them any beginner can find a perfect Chinese Elm to fit their taste.

Trident Maple are one of the absolute best Maples to Bonsai. They have strong root growth, easy to repot and tolerates pruning very well. Trident maple bonsai do not have excessive water requirements. Wintering is also easy making them a great beginner tree.

Dawn Redwood really put on a show!  They are very fast growers, develop large trunks and back bud extremely well.  Pruning is a must so they are great for practicing on.  They love water so it makes it hard to overwater.  They are a perfect deciduous tree for a beginner.  One of the easiest trees out there to grow.

The Australian Bush Cherry are as easy as they come for Bonsai care.   Their small dark green lance-shaped leaves are are firm, glossy and are arranged in opposite leaf pairs.  They have extremely showy bark.  They tolerate average water conditions.  They mainly just don't like the cold.

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